Set Your Creative Side Free

There is nothing that excites me more than letting my creative juices run wild, wherever I may be and no matter the situation. I believe that as an artist, it is important to try to stay in the moment and take in everything around you. That is the very essence of what being an artist is all about – connecting and being a beacon and auteur of history through the arts.

I know many people around me that say they would love to be more creative and practice on a few hobbies, but there are also some people that just never even attempt it. I know that everyone has a creative side in them and the only thing I can say is that you have to take some initiative in order to find it. If you are looking for some signs that you are a creative individual, then you have come to the right place since I have learned a few things over the years.

There are no boundaries when it comes to creativity and as humans, we are finite, so the question is what does that have to do with our creative side? Being able to create is something that comes naturally to us whether we realize it or not. It doesn’t matter what type of art you are into, there should never be any rules to govern how you ultimately come to your creative perspective. The only important thing is that you do attempt to be creative and avoid clichés. Here are some clues that you are a creative type.

Problem Solver

Solving Sudoku

If you are the type of person that likes to solve problems, whether it is Sudoku or doing algebra, you potentially have the propensity for solution solving and this is a sign of a creative mind. Although a debate continues to rage on as to how critical thinking lends itself to the creative world, what cannot be denied is that they are interconnected and you can only grow from this experience and knowledge.

Highly Motivated

Those that pursue their passions and are stubborn about it tend to be more creative and are more likely to seek out ways to express it. If you are motivated enough, you will do what is necessary to reach your goals.


There is no such thing as an overnight success, and if you want to be successful, you have to fail a few times before you get it right. We all lose sometimes, but in the end, rejection is the best way to fuel the fire to get up, dust yourself off, and try again.


man holding a laptop

If you love what you do, then it doesn’t seem like work. I am never so stressed when I am working because I truly love what I do and I tend to put in long hours because of it. When you are in a state of euphoria, your creative juices naturally tend to flow and you are more likely to produce better ideas that you can incorporate.